NYCC anecdote

So here’s a little story about something I witnessed at the New York Comic Con yesterday. If you’ve never been to the show, it’s practically an East Coast version of Comic-Con in San Diego, in terms of scale and crowds. I think the estimate for this year’s attendance is 100,000 people.

Anyway, we were walking around the massively crowded main show floor yesterday when I saw this little altercation. There was a guy carrying one of those medium size swag bags full of something, I’m assuming books. We’ll call him Guy #1. Suddenly, another guy (let’s call him Guy #2) runs up behind him at full charge, violently yanks the bag out of his hand, and starts walking away, glaring the whole time at Guy #1. And I mean a super pissed-off, murderous kind of glare.

The first thought that ran through my head was “holy crap, Guy #1 just got robbed!” But then I noticed instead of reacting the the way you’d assume he would, he not only didn’t say a word, but just kept walking the way he was going. If anything, he picked up his pace a bit, and within a few seconds he had disappeared into the crowd.

Looking back towards Guy #2, I saw him walk behind one of the smaller publisher booths and put the bag down, still pissed off. So it seems like he was just recovering his merchandise that was stolen in the first place by Guy #1. Oddly enough, no words were exchanged during the whole incident, and there was no call for security. But also luckily, there was no violence.

Made me wonder how often this kind of “shoplifting” occurs at big, crowded cons like this.

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