Spoof Comics: 90s dreck at its best (worst)

Recently, while looking for comic covers to post as part of the Weekend Versus feature on my other blog, I ran across several more books from a publisher called Spoof Comics. You may remember them from this previous edition of Weekend Versus, featuring their oh-so-clever Wolverbroad vs. Hobo book, or this one, featuring Spider-femme vs. Denim.

Well, I’m here to tell you that judging by the covers of their other books, it’s a testament to the strength (and insanity) of the 90s era speculative market that they lasted as long as they did. Again, I’ll be the first to admit I haven’t read a single one of these comics, but honestly, I can’t imagine any of them actually being funny. For example, we’ve got O-X: Cow O’ War:

Because nothing’s funnier than recasting Valiant’s successful X-O: Man O’ War as a cow. Cow’s have udders, which are funny, right? Ugh. Or how about The Punish-her Score Journal:

First of all, the character’s name doesn’t even make sense, other than it’s the best they could come up with that would somewhat rhyme with Punisher. I don’t even want to know how they wove in the theme of dating and sex and “punishment,” because I have a feeling it’s a bunch of frat house juvenile humor. But hey, check out the early Dave Johnson cover. At least he went on to bigger and better things.

And speaking of great cover artists, the folks at Spoof Comics were at least smart enough to know they’d have a better chance of selling their books if they put some recognizable talent on the covers. My guess is the interiors of these comics were drawn by hungry, naive young artists with way more enthusiasm to “break in” than actual alent. You know, the Bluewater model. So if you can get some nice looking covers, you may at least trick some unsuspecting souls into buying your crap comics. Case in point, Swamp Thang:

Oh, Kelley Jones, you must have had a car payment to cover that month. But at least it’s a really good cover. And then there’s Spider-femme:

That’s right, despite the normal looking (and sized) breasts, that’s pinup artist extraordinaire, Adam Hughes. Incidentally, the above cover is from their anthology series Spoof Comics Presents, which, get this, lasted 19 issues! And in that year and a half of publication, they gave us such gems as Daredame:

…Vertigo parodies like Dame Patrol:

…and the super-innuendo of Green Lanterns:

(by the way, I’m pretty sure that’s a Cully Hamner cover on GL)

…and so many other comedy classics, from Justice Broads to Wet Shirts. I’m telling you, Spoof Comics was a veritable (un)funny factory, churning out not just comic book spoofs, but also those of celebrity rock bands. Behold, Kisses:

But even in the early stages of their careers, guys like Adam Hughes and Kelley Jones probably charged too much for a cover (and by too much, I mean “not free,” which seems to have been Spoof Comics’ payment standard), so their other books looked more like this:

That’s right, Youngspud. What’s funnier than a parody of Rob Liefeld’s Youngblood book, than a bunch of potato superheroes? God, I can just imagine all the funny lines in that book: the heroes drink a lot to get “mashed,” or maybe they fight a French supervillain knows as The Fry?

Well, I’m afraid that’s about as much as I can stand to write on this topic. But before I go, I’ll leave you with the best of the bunch. Behold teh funny of Soul Trek:

I don’t even want to know.

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2 thoughts on “Spoof Comics: 90s dreck at its best (worst)

  1. Just stopping by to let you know this made my day.
    Earlier some on-line twit was bemoaning Greg Rucka coming out and saying “Well, WW being queer…duuuh” . Bro was going on about it just being another ploy to make another character “needlessly edgy” I must have been too casual in my dismissive remark because he, surprise, took it as an indication that I needed comics explained to me. Bloviation ensued. He also told me how dull (not edgy) it is to hear a comic character go on and on about who “makes their parts go squishy” or something like that.

    I sighed and told him, no…I know comics, I was mocking him. I also reminded him that as a female reader, I’ve probably encountered a few bad writers going on and on about what their crotch wants.

    I got a nice message in my inbox about how I’m so easily offended and blah blah blah and I don’t know comic and he used to be in the (dun dun dun) COMICS INDUSTRY. Kiss his ass…cheers…grow up. Generally sounded like a class act.

    Turns out…he wrote ONE thing that got published…the ONE issue of…PUNISH-HER Score Journal!

    Thank YOU!

  2. No, thank you Kathryn for making my day! Your story is awesome. The dude who wrote a super shitty spoof comic called Punish-her Score Journal was mansplaining the finer aspects of sexual identity to you? Priceless!

    Oh, wait, I see that he also wrote X-Babes 2088. That changes everything. This guy knows women. You really should listen to his intellectual discourse.


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