Comic Creators for Freedom – combating human trafficking

Whenever creative people band together for a good cause, it focuses their energy and talent to bring awareness to charitable cause they believe in. And so it is with the cartoonists who have formed the Comic Creators for Freedom, a group dedicated to raising money for organizations combating human trafficking.

“There are currently 27 million enslaved people worldwide- more than double the number of enslaved Africans during the trans-Atlantic slave trade. UNICEF estimates that 1.2 million children every year are sold into slavery, most of it sexual. The US Department of Justice estimates 16,000 victims of human trafficking are brought into the United States every year.”

Participating comic book creators each contribute a drawing of one of their female characters, which are then incorporated into a single wallpaper image that is offered to those who donate money to the cause. To date, the CCfF has raised $15,000, which is split between two charities: Love 146 (working to end child sex slavery and exploitation via prevention and aftercare programs) and Gracehaven (a Columbus-based non-profit with a mission to find and free underage girls who are enslaved by child sex trafficking).

The CCfF will start their 2012 fundraising drive on Monday, January 9th through Friday, January 20th. If you’re a creator interested in contributing to their project, you can find details here. Please keep this important cause in mind when planning your charitable giving.

I’d also like to publicly thank Columbus-based cartoonist Lora Innes, creator of The Dreamer webcomic, for being one of the driving forces behind this project.