Indie Cover of the Day: Darkewood #1

Darkewood #1 of 5, cover art by Adrian Kleinbergen.

Young Dara was a voracious fantasy novel reader, and would try any and all fantasy comics he could find as well. Unfortunately, there were (and sill are) very few good ones. Nevertheless, although I don’t remember a thing about this series by writer Gordon (Warlock 5) Derry, I do remember the very colorful, stylized airbrushed artwork by Kleinbergen.

Published by Aircel comics, 1987.

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2 thoughts on “Indie Cover of the Day: Darkewood #1

  1. My first (and only full-colour comic series).
    Thanks for mentioning it.

  2. Of course, and welcome to my infrequently updated blog!

    Out of curiosity, are you still producing artwork, and if so, do you have a blog or online gallery?

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