Indie Cover of the Day: The Replacement God #1

From the awesomely talented Zander Cannon:

I loved his work with Gene Ha on Alan Moore’s Top 10 series, and the spinoff mini-series Smax. But I haven’t seen his name attached to too many projects lately, which is a shame.

Anyway, this clever and humorous fantasy series was written and drawn by Cannon, and published by Amaze Ink (an imprint of Slave Labor Graphics, used mainly to get the publisher’s books listed closer to the front of the Diamond catalog) in 1995. It follows the adventures of a slave boy named Knute, his many attempts at escape from a dungeon, and an epic story involving finding a replacement for the God of Death. I loved the quirky and charming characters, and Cannon’s fluid, pleasing artwork on this book.

The series went for 8 issues. There was a second series called The Replacement God and Other Stories that came out through Image in 1997, with the final issue (#6) self-published by Cannon under his Handcraft Guild banner. There’s also a trade collection of the first series that’s well worth tracking down.