Indie Cover of the Day: Aliens #1

Following through with the Alien theme from yesterday, today the spotlight is on Aliens #1, art by Mark A. Nelson:

Published by Dark Horse Comics, 1988. Even though this mini-series was in black & white, it sold amazingly well and started that company’s long line of licensed movie tie-ins, including Predator, Terminator, and of course, Star Wars.

By the way, Mark Nelson was a fantastic artist, but I think he dropped out of comics soon after this series.

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4 thoughts on “Indie Cover of the Day: Aliens #1

  1. A friend of mine is a HUGE Nelson fan, and she was able to meet him in 2011 at a convention of some kind. I don’t think it was a comics convention, but rather a horror convention. Still, it was cool to see that he’s still out there making impressions.

  2. He didn’t do that many comics, either. A few covers here and there for Dark Horse, Eclipse, and Marvel. But he did a Vertigo mini-series with Joe R. Lansdale called Blood and Shadows that I’d like to track down at some point.

  3. Thank you for the kind words!

    But if you go to my website you can see a lot of the work I’ve been doing and if you go Grazing Dinosaur Press on Facebook you can see the newest stuff.

    Thanks again for the kind words and following what I have been doing!

  4. Wow, very cool to hear from you, Mark. I’ll definitely check out your latest work via Facebook. Best of luck on your new projects, including the return of A1.

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