Indie Cover Spotlight: Ninja Elite #4

In the last post I professed my love for Adventure Publication’s line of fantasy titles, so I figured I’d devote the rest of this week to more of their book. So today’s spotlight is on Ninja Elite #4, published in 1987:

(Unfortunately, I’m not sure who drew this cover)

Despite the terrible title, and even worse logo, this series was actually a great fantasy book. Written by Mark Ellis, and featuring the art of James Fletcher, Gabriel Morrissette, and Frank Reyes, it was a prequel of sorts to The Adventurers, telling the origin of the woman who would become the ninja Nightwind.

Except the term ninja carries too much baggage. This series has nothing to do with ancient Japan, nor the mythical interpretation of its famed assassins. Here’s a good summary of the title (that I found here):

When young Delia is saved from her abusive life on the streets by a mysterious robed man, she has no idea the path her life is about to take. Snatched from poverty, she finds herself surrounded by the luxury of House Dracus, the palace of the Overlord. She has been chosen to be the newest student of Master Sun, powerful leader of the Amita K’un warrior society.

Delia is destined to become one of the greatest of these Ninja Elite, leaving behind her old life to become the confident warrior called Nightwind. Eventually Nightwind will become a member of the group of heroes called the Adventurers, but this is the story of her struggles to achieve mastery of her skills, and at the same time walk a careful path through the dangerous political intrigues of the Overlord’s court.

So yeah, another fantasy series with a heavy dose of political and social themes. Which is exactly why I liked this series so much.

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