Indie Cover Spotlight: Alias #1

OK, we’ll leave Adventure Publications behind for the time being (since I spent all of last week spotlighting their books) and turn to other indie publishers from back in the day. Today’s feature is Alias #1, with a cover by the legendary Bill Sienkiewicz:

No, not that book from Marvel. This title was from Now Comics, published in 1990.

Now wasn’t exactly known for great comics, and did a lot of mediocre or odd stuff, like the Married With Children comic series. But this crime series, written by Chuck Dixon, was actually quite good. The protagonist was quite mysterious, and you were never quite sure if he was a good guy or not. Sadly, it only lasted 5 issues. I remember asking Dixon about the book at a Mid-Ohio-Con years later, and he mentioned that they actually came very close to doing a TV series based on the comic.

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