Indie Cover Spotlight: Orc Stain #1

Today I thought I’d feature a more recent book, as opposed to the 80s and 90s books I’ve been talking about. So here we are, Orc Stain #1:

Created, written, drawn, colored, and lettered by the amazing, insane James Stokoe. Published by Image Comics, starting in 2010. Issue #7 just hit the stands a couple of weeks ago.

How do I describe this book about an unnamed orc simply referred to as One-Eye, trying to survive in a world populated by orcs? It’s about as original, innovative, and ballsy as you can get with fantasy comics. It’s unlike any fantasy tale you’ve ever read, and certainly unlike any fantasy art you’ve seen. We’re talking sentient locks and safes, blood vendettas involving castration of your enemies, and weird hybrid octopus motorcycles (I don’t even know how else to describe them). Seriously, this book is a feast for the eyes, and pure psychedelic mind candy.

For a longer review, check out my other blog here. And for more James Stokoe art, check out these posts.

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