Indie Cover Spotlight: Gregory, book 1

OK, technically this may not qualify as an indie book, since it came out through Piranha Press (in 1989), which was an imprint of DC Comics. But hey, it’s my blog so I can bend the rules. Plus, in terms of content, this book as as indie as they come.

Created, written, and illustrated by Marc Hempel, Gregory is a series of short stories about a happy little straitjacketed boy confined to a mental hospital. And he has a friend who’s a rat named Herman Vermin. And yes, it’s a funny book. You know, if you like your humor black. Hempel went on to create 3 more books in the series, and I adore every single one of them. They’ll definitely make you laugh, but also stifle a tear or two along the way. And excellent, under appreciated series.