Persia Blues – Anatomy of a cover, part 2 (of 3)

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OK, so last time I mentioned how our initial set of cover concepts was narrowed down to one that our publisher, NBM, liked: the “split” design, which visually mimicked the two main settings of the story. However, a question posed by our editor regarding Minoo’s headscarf made me realize that there really are 3 distinct settings for the story, not 2. So I suggested a slight variation of the split design to Brent, one I called the “tri-head.” I asked for a simple head shot of our protagonist, Minoo, plus two profile shots of her in her other looks. Here’s a snippet from my email:

“I’m thinking maybe the tri-head can be center top of the cover, and show either a collage of the various setting elements below her, or divide the space into 3 and depict each setting in one sliver.”

Brent ran with the idea, working up a few more sketches:

As you can see in the first design, he tried for more of a collage design below the head shots. This was a step back, as our editor reminded us to not “get tangled in story elements,” and to keep it simple.

That lead to the remaining concepts you see above. I suggested to Brent that he use elements from the architecture of Persepolis as a simple graphic to fill in the rest of the cover. I like that he also included a Zoroastrian motif in a couple.

OK, so this latest batch went off to Terry for review. When the reply came back, we knew we were on the right track, but still needed some tweaks before a final design would emerge.

Next: it gets personal (the cover image, that is)

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