Indie Cover Spotlight: Dragonring #1

I’ve posted a couple of covers in the past from Aircel Publishing, so I figured I’d devote all of this week to the Canadian indie pubisher. First up, Dragonring #1 (vol. 1):

Cover by Guang Yap, 1985

Oddly enough, Aircel started out as an insulation company! When the business was about to go under, artist Barry Blair, who worked at the company, convinced the owner to let him turn it into a comic book publishing venture. Only in the 80s, kids.

Most of Aircel’s books (at least in the early incarnation of the company) were genre and action/adventure comics. Dragonring, as you may have guessed from the title, was an adventure book mixing martial arts, the occult, and even a bit of science fiction. It would go on to a second volume, and then morph into more of a superhero book, with early art from Dale Keown.

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