Howard Chaykin on his career

There’s a short interview with writer/artist Howard Chaykin over at Comics Anonymous. I found this bit very interesting, for his frank and pragmatic examination of his own career:

“This may sound odd and strange but I’m really grateful that I have the career that I have because I’m old and used and I’ve been doing this for 41 years. I am incredibly happy, I don’t take anything for granted and have no sense of entitlement. The fact that I woke up one morning was sixty and there was no fucking reset button. I better accept what I got and I’m stuck with it.

The high points of my career started in the 80s and ended in the 90s so I’m well passed my prime and perfectly comfortable with the idea that I’ve been coasting on that but never not doing quality work. Just the audience passes you by, the audience has other ideas and other issues. Since that time I’ve done nothing that I’m ashamed of. I did plenty of work I’m ashamed of before that but nothing since. I did some shit stuff because I didn’t know what the fuck I was doing. Inadequacy is often its own reward. I did the Star Wars comic in the 70s and if I’d have know It was going to be as big a hit I would have done a better job.”

More creators ought to be as honest with themselves.

(via CBR)

Indie Cover Spotlight: Maelstrom #4

Continuing our look at the now-defunct Aircel Publishing, today’s cover is from the bone-crunching, head-banging book, Maelstrom #4:

Art by Jim Somerville, 1987

A sword-and-sorcery title featuring characters by such names as Han-Kar-Harsh, Bad-Azz-Brash, and Major Kaos, this comic was metal all the way.