Indie Cover Spotlight: Stark:Future #1

We wrap up our look at some of Aircel Publishing’s books with the cover to one of their science fiction books, Stark: Future #1:

Art by Dan Day, 1986

Is it just me, or do you find titles with a colon in them rather annoying? Anyway, this book had a healthy 17 issue run, and featured some of the earliest art of Stephen Hughes, who went on to co-create a couple of infamous comics, Evil Ernie and Lady Death.

Here’s a synopsis of the story, courtesy of the GCD:

“In the 31st century, Earth is a long dead world. On the inhospitable mining world of Kanen, Ely, Rachel and Zak work as Ranger trouble-shooters. They are enlisted by the Aylvan to investigate a series of murders and robberies in the mines below the city of Herod. Ely buys an old sword, wondering if it could be the sacred sword of Kalichakra.”