Comic Biz quote of the day

“Hard to name another entertainment industry where people would happily stab the content creator in the neck out of support for a label.” –Brian Wood

From the comments section of this post on The Beat about writer Chris Roberson ending his work relationship with DC Comics. Without going into too much detail, I’d say this other great quote, from artist Cameron Stewart, pretty much sums up my thoughts on the original matter:

“Once again, I see no harm or foul on either side here – a guy made a calm and reasoned decision to part with a company he no longer felt comfortable working with, and said company responded by cancelling the remainder of the work they were doing. Unsurprising and perfectly reasonable.”

However, I post the Brian Wood quote above because having recently experienced some of that fanboy rage myself, I can attest to how rabid certain folks are with defending their superhero icons, even when responding to a calm, rational, non-confrontational opinion.

Indie Cover Spotlight: Buce ‘N Gar #2

I’ll conclude my trip down R.A.K. Graphics memory lane with a book not by the publisher himself, but rather from writer/artist James Groman:

Buce ‘N Gar #2, published in 1986, was a sci-fi adventure starring a couple of decidedly not-human protagonists. The series was never completed, as James went on to a career in the toy design field. But as of a couple of years ago, he had floated the idea of collecting the 3 published issue, plus some additional material, into a complete TPB. Here’s a new-ish illustration from his blog:

Will we ever see it? You never know…