Comic creator quote of the day: Mark Waid

“After all, a question mark looks an awful lot like a hook…” —Mark Waid

From a post about how to end each installment of a serialized short form digital comic. Waid’s advice: “end each installment by asking a question.”

Not necessarily literally, of course. Go read the short article, it’s a good one for writers.

Indie Cover Spotlight: Alien Legion #4

Alien week continues for this feature, with today’s spotlight on another one of my all-time favorite series, Alien Legion:

And yes, I’m counting Marvel’s Epic Comics imprint as indie!

This cover is by Frank Cirocco, and features the serpentine alien commander, Sarigar. The series was created by Carl Potts, Alan Zelenetz, and Frank Cirocco, with the high concept basically being “French Foreign Legion in space.”