Indie Cover Spotlight: ESPers #3 (vol. 1)

This week I’m going with a very narrow theme, namely the many incarnations of another one of my all time favorite series: ESPers.

ESPers was created by James D. Hudnall, and the first story arc was illustrated by David Lloyd. It started out as a mini-series from Eclipse Comics in 1986. Oh, and that awesome cover is by the one and only Brian Bolland! And as I look back on it now, over 25 years later, it warms my heart to know that neither one of the dictators depicted on those posters in the background are with us anymore.

As you might have guessed from the cover image, the series was one of the early ones to explore the “what if people in the real world had super powers” motif. In this case, all the powers are manifestations of psychic abilities. Several secret cabals, locked in a perpetual shadow war with each other, have conspired to keep this knowledge from the general population, and the central characters of the series are brought together under duress and manipulation. Hudnall’s scripting and characterization was very tight, and he wove in a lot of real world politics into the series. If you can find the back issues, I highly recommend them.