Indie Cover Spotlight: ESPers #1 (vol. 3)

We end our ESPers theme week with the cover to ESPers #1 (vol. 3), from Image Comics.

After creator James Hudnal’s Halloween Comics imprint went bust, he took the series to Image Comics for a 3rd volume. Unfortunately, artist Greg Horn was along for the ride, and this is around the time when he started to develop his softcore porn style (which a few years later would grace the cover of many a Marvel comic, often inappropriately).

This third series came out in 1997, and lasted 7 issues.

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2 thoughts on “Indie Cover Spotlight: ESPers #1 (vol. 3)

  1. I would like horn more if his women looked more… diverse. I think He only has two reference books from 3 models.

  2. I’d never noticed that before, Jesse, but now that you mention it, I can’t not notice it!

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