The modern writer’s challenge

I found this quote from Doctor Who and Sherlock show-runner/writer Steve Moffat quite interesting:

“I do get grief from time to time from people who say both shows are far too complicated — I politely point out that both shows are huge international hits, so clearly they aren’t. The audience is more sophisticated than they ever have been. They are always ahead of me. I haven’t been able to get in front of the audience, ever. The rate at which people absorb fiction — the number of stories they read, in the form of graphic novels or computer games…Think about how much fiction an individual absorbs now, as opposed to 100 years ago. To keep ahead of an audience that savvy is very hard. You have to make them work.”

There’s a lot of truth to that. With the way technology has made storytelling ubiquitous internationally and available 24/7, people are exposed to an awful lot of fiction in many, many different mediums. And as much as the majority of it is terrible, tepid, or otherwise vapid, there’s still an awful lot of sophisticated, complex, and challenging entertainment being created. The audience is getting smarter and more discerning, which means us creators have to work even harder to stay ahead of their expectations.

You can read the full interview with him here.