Iranian cartoonist sentenced to lashing

According to a news report, Iranian cartoonist Mahmoud Shokraiyeh has been sentenced to 25 lashes for drawing a cartoon that showed a member of parliament in an unkind light, namely wearing a football jersey.

“The harsh ruling handed down to Shokraiyeh is not an isolated case in Iran. In the past, other cartoonists such as Mana Neyestani have also been imprisoned for their work.”

Yeah, a caricature is going to lead to him getting whipped.

No, you’re not mistaken. It is the 21st century.

This is what happens when you have an oppressive theocracy.

Indie Cover Spotlight: Star Rangers #3

Monday’s spotlight on Death Hawk should have come after today’s entry, at least chronologically speaking, since that character debuted as a backup in this series from Adventure Publications:

Star Rangers #3, cover by Dave Dorman, published in 1987. Story by Mark Ellis, art by Marvel veteran Jim Mooney. Synopsis from Wikipedia:

“Set in the 25th century, the series revolved around the crew of the Sabre, the last ship in the Frontier Battalion of the once-fearsome Star Rangers Corps. In both Star Rangers and its companion series Death Hawk, the era is a dystopia of solar system-spanning corporations that held the true power behind the centralized government of the Sol 9 Commonwealth. By the time of the series, the Star Rangers Corps has been reorganized into a token peacekeeping force while the corporations maintain their own security divisions, such as the Sol 9 Shogunate’s Tigers of Heaven. As such, all Star Rangers ships and weaponry are outdated, making it difficult for Sabre crew to perform its duties.”