Indie Cover Spotlight: The Amazing Cynicalman #27

Mini-comic/small press week continues with the master of mini-comics, the sultan of stick figures, Matt Feazell. Here’s the cover to The Amazing Cynicalman #27:

Matt’s been producing these 8-page, half-digest sized mini-comics for close to two decades now, published through his Not Available Comics imprint. I can’t remember when I picked up my first comic from him, but it was probably at Mid-Ohio-Con or Motor City Con in the 90s.

If you’re ever at a convention that features Mr. Feazell as a guest, be sure to seek him out. He’ll usually give you a free mini-comic just for trying your hand at drawing Cynicalman (or any of his other characters, like Antisocialman, CuteGirl, or Nerdy Girl). Plus, he’s a cool, genial dude.