Larry Young’s how to pitch a comic book project

Larry Young, comic book writer and publisher of AiT/Planet Lar, shares his thoughts on what he looks for in a comic book pitch. Or rather, what he hates.

“You wouldn’t believe how many professional writers, folks trying to break in, wannabes, and fanboys all send in work that doesn’t pay any attention to these points:”

Click the link to read the whole thing. As always, especially in a subjective area like reviewing a creator’s proposal, these are words of advice from one particular individual, geared around his tastes and pet peeves. So obviously your mileage may vary. But still, the more of these helpful hints you read, the more material you’ll have to sort out for yourself what makes sense, what may work for you, and what bits you’re going to ignore.

Oh, one last teaser:

“But the most important thing a comic book writer should be aware of is:”