Comfest starts today!

It’s the start of the 40th annual Comfest, Columbus’ long-running community festival.

Comfest is the largest all-volunteer run community festival in the US. 3 days. 6 stages. Hundreds of bands. Hundreds of vendors. Food. Fun. And it’s all outdoors, and all FREE!

For the 8th year, I will have a booth, selling copies of my comics and graphic novels, as well as the PANEL Collective anthologies and books. Hope to see some of you there!

Indie Cover Spotlight: The Crow #2

Wrapping up our look at 90s indie powerhouse Caliber Press, here’s one of their most successful and enduring publications:

The Crow was written and drawn by Detroit native James O’Barr, first published in 1989, and became a pop culture phenomena. To date, there have been 4 movies, a TV series, and novels based on the character, not to mention numerous comic book series from Kitchen Sink, Image, and now IDW. And, Hollywood being what it is, there’s a “reboot/remake” movie in the works as well.