Indie Cover Spotlight: Grendel #7

(Sorry about the lateness of the post, after a freak storm last week, we had a power outage for over a day, and still no Internet service.)

This week, I think I’ll pick an artist instead of a publisher as the unifying “theme” of the 3 posts in the ICS feature. And the artist, in this case, is really artists: Arnold Pander and Jacob Pander, who are usually credited collectively as The Pander Bros.

I first became familiar with their work on the 1986 Grendel series from Comico, which featured the Christine Spar incarnation of Matt Wagner’s Grendel concept. I was instantly attracted to their hyperkinetic, manic style. There’s definitely a lot of manga influence there, which in the 80s wasn’t as big a draw as it became later, but the Panders definitely molded it into something entirely unique. Their own style, their own voice.