Persia Blues cover almost done

We’re almost there. Brent’s painted the final version of the cover, and save for a couple of small tweaks, it’s practically ready for its public reveal.

In the meantime, here’s a peek at one element of it:

We’ll have the final painting soon, as well as more news about the book, so keep checking the blog.

Indie Cover Spotlight: Castle Waiting #3

I don’t have a theme for this week, just posting whatever covers I feel like. Let’s start with Castle Waiting:

Written and drawn by Linda Medley, this series was initially self-published by Medley through her Olio Press imprint in 1997. She later took the series to Jeff Smith’s publishing house in 2000, Cartoon Books, before returning once again to self publishing. Fantagraphics also published a long run of the series.

While nothing like Fables, this series does share a bit of the conceit, as Medley brought together characters from popular fairy tales and folklore. The initial storyline introduced the many quirky characters who came to live in Sleeping Beauties abandoned castle.