The freelance life – Val Staples on being a colorist

I think the take-away is that it’s not an easy life, kids. Here’s colorist Val Staples, talking about the realities of life as a freelance comic book colorist:

” I have not had a REAL vacation since 1994. Even when I “take a week off”, I am still working. I have to either corrections, or field correspondence, or do paperwork on which I’m behind.

And a “week off” is all I can afford – yet it’s not enough. But the more time you take, the more time you aren’t working. If you’re not working, you don’t get paid. You don’t get paid, bills don’t get paid. It’s pretty stressful.

People simply do not understand how when I have a couple days off I don’t want to do ANYTHING. I think almost every colorist can attest to what I’m saying. All we want to do is just lay around and do nothing. Watch TV. Be on a beach listening to the waves. In a hammock next to a mountain cabin.

I had a dream about sleeping not too long ago! That’s how bad it is at times. I’d love to have four weeks paid vacation where I do nothing but rest and relax and recharge my creative batteries.”

More at the link above, including some good thoughts on the role of a colorist, his particular approach to color theory, and being requested for projects by artists.

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