Help earthquake survivors in Iran

The White House has issued a temporary general license authorizing charitable organizations to provide direct humanitarian and reconstruction assistance to the victims of the 2 earthquakes that hit Iran last week. From the Foreign Policy blog:

The Treasury Department issued a 45-day general license to allow officially registered NGOs to send up to $300,000 to Iran for humanitarian relief and reconstruction activities related to two Aug. 11 earthquakes that struck northern Iran and killed more than 250 people. Food and medicine aid is already exempted from sanctions against Iran. The George W. Bush administration took a similar action in 2003.

At least 250 people have been reported killed, with many tens of thousands more homeless. Iran’s government being what it is, it should come as no surprise that not only has it been extremely slow to respond to the needs of its citizens, but it also initially refused assistance from other countries. So it seems that these nonprofits and NGOs are the best bet for getting aid to the people who desperately need it.

There are links to many of the organizations on this page at

I’ve been a supporter of Relief International for many years, and would especially recommend them if you would like to help.

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