Comics publishing – another reality check

Tyler James of the small press Comix Tribe shares some numbers and figures regarding the sale of their indie comic, Scam. The title is Hard Numbers, Hard Lessons, so you can guess how it’s going to play out. But I think this part from his “5 lessons learned” is worth highlighting:

“2.) It’s Harder Than I Though to Get Ordered at All

361 Diamond accounts ordered SCAM #1…out of 2,800 or so ordering books in August. So, after getting in the catalog, and all the drum beating, solicits, reviews, yadda, yaddda, only about 12% of retail accounts took a chance on SCAM. We all know that many retailers out there barely stock Image books appropriately, so I knew this number was going to be low…but 12%?

That takes some re-calibration and expectation management. But it also leaves a ton of room for growth.”

Yep, out of the around 3000 comic book specialty stores, you’re lucky if a bit over 10% of them consider ordering even one copy of your indie comic. That’s why I think it’s a good idea to consider web or digital publishing as a first step.