Jim Valentino on submissions

Image co-founder and Shadowline imprint head honcho Jim Valentino talks to CBR about what he looks for in a submission:

I want to see five finished pages, beginning with page one, fully inked, lettered and colored, if it’s a color book. I want to see a cover with a logo treatment (the book’s logo, not the image “i”) and I want to see a very brief one paragraph STORY (not plot, story) synopsis.

All of these things inform me whether or not a creator is ready for prime time. The reason I want to see the first five pages is that’s where a reader is going to start. They’re not going to start on page 13 where the most exciting part of the story takes place. The first rule of journalism also applies to creative writing: “don’t bury your lead,” reel them in with a powerful opening.

Having worked with Jim on the Archibald Aardvark books (created and drawn by Grant Bond) and the Fractured Fables kids anthology, I can tell you the guy genuinely loves comics and really tries to get new and innovative series out there.