Indie Cover Spotlight: Fish Police #1

This week I’m spotlighting one from the “little indie comic that could” pile: Steve Moncuse’s Fish Police, starting with the cover of the self-published first issue:


Published in black and white in 1985 under his own Fishwrap Productions label, this crime noir book featured Inspector Gill and his fellow anthropomorphic underwater characters. the book was a relative hit, and after 12 issues, was picked up by Comico and continued as a color series for another 13 issues. Following that company’s bankruptcy, Fish Police moved to Apple Comics for another 10 issues, and even had a reprint of its early issues done by Marvel.

Not bad for a book about fish detectives, right?

But that’s not all. The comics was even turned into a prime-time animated series on CBS in 1992, produced by Hanna-Barbera and featuring an impresive voice cast, including John Ritter, Hector Elizondo, Ed Asner, and Tim Curry. Sadly, the series never caught on and was dropped after only 3 episodes had aired.

Come back on Wednesday and Friday for more covers from this series.