GraphicAudio: comics without the art

So, but I came across this a while back and still don’t know what to make of it: GraphicAudio.

What is it? Well, their tagline is “A movie in your mind” and they describe themselves like this:

“GraphicAudio is a unique audio entertainment experience that features a full cast of actors, sound effects and cinematic music.”

So basically they’re audio books, except…well, they have a whole series of DC Comics.

In MP3 format.

I’ll let that sink in a bit.


See, I get the appeal of “books on tape” or whatever you want to call them. But what I don’t get is giving the same treatment to a comic book. You know, a storytelling medium in which the visual aspect is half the package.


So it’s like a comic book, except there’s no cool artwork. Or it’s like a movie, except there’s no…um, movie. Sort of like listening only to the audio track of one the DC Universe animated movies.


I’m completely baffled by this whole concept. I’m not even sure how exactly they adapt a comic book story into an audio-only format. I mean, with a prose book, the voice actor simply reads the book. But with a comic, you have so much of the story that’s communicated without words, through the sequential art. Does the narrator describe the action? “And then Superman punches Darkseid in the face,” or something like that? It seems…awkward, at best.

Anyway, go have a look for yourself if you’re curious. The DC ones are around 6-7 hours in length each, and will cost you $13 for a downloadable MP3, or $20 for 6 CDs.

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2 thoughts on “GraphicAudio: comics without the art

  1. Very odd. Columbus Library has a bunch. I’m going to try one and see what it’s like. More to come.

  2. If it’s simply the dialogue and sound effects, it won’t work well. But if it’s actually an adaptation, then it should work as well as any good audio drama does. I’ve got the Kingdom Come audio drama recording and it’s quite entertaining.

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