Pre-order Persia Blues from your local comic book store

My graphic novel from NBM Publishing is currently being solicited in the Previews catalog for distribution to comic book shops in May. The listing is on page 331, and earned the “Spotlight On” designation.


Please consider supporting your local comic book shop by having them pre-order a copy for you, and a few for their shelves. The Diamond item code is MAR13 1230.


It’s hard to stand out when you’re one of the thousands of products offered in the massive 500-page catalog, but I’m hoping the spotlight designation will help. Already, we’ve caught the eye of Greg Burgas, who had these kind words to say in his monthly “Flippin’ through Previews” column at Comic Book Resources:

I haven’t read a lot of Dara Naraghi’s work, but what I have read is pretty good, so I’m intrigued by Persia Blues from NBM. It’s about an Iranian woman who lives in both the real world and a fantasy world, but is either of them the real woman? You’ll have to read it to find out! I’m always a little wary of “volume 1″s, but I’m still interested in this.

To find a comic shop near you, drop on by the Comic Shop Locator site.

Of course, you can also order the book through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, any indie bookstore, or even through NBM itself. Whatever floats your boat, as the kids say*. For links and options to buy the book – and support me and Brent Bowman in the process – drop on by the official Persia Blues website.

*The kids don’t actually say that.