Cliff Galbraith on comic cons

The Beat has a nice interview with indie comics creator Cliff Galbraith on founding and running the relatively new Asbury Park Comicon. I especially liked this quote:

What’s your personal philosophy behind Comic Cons?

CG: Don’t be boring. Don’t be predictable. Don’t call yourself a Comic Con and fill the bill with wrestlers, actors, and other people who have nothing to do with comics. Respect and honors those who make comics, especially those who came before us. I see a lot of bullshit at cons and I just don’t get it. If somebody wants an autograph of somebody from Twilight or some guy who played a storm trooper 30 years ago — that’s their business, but it really has nothing to do with comics. It detracts and devalues comics as something that is supposed to be celebrated. My feeling is if you’re not here for the comics then shove off. Go to a horror con, go to a sci-fi con.

Amen, brother.

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