Journalist/writer Clive Thompson on his process

I’m always curious about the working process (and tools) of various creators, although I’m usually very focused on comic book writers or artists. But I did enjoy this Lifehacker peek inside the working life of Clive Thompson, a journalist with gigs such as Wired and The New York Times Magazine.

“When I’m reading, I write tons of marginalia—again as much for sense-making as for retrieval. When reading in PDF format, I either use Acrobat Professional on my desktop or iAnnotate PDF on my iPad. My book reading is split probably 50/50 between paper and digital books. For digital books, I mostly read in Kindle or Stanza on my iPad or phone and export the notes and highlights locally. I use Project Gutenberg and Google Books a ton for reading out-of-copyright digital books; indeed, my reading probably has a huge pre-1923 bias because so much amazing stuff is so easily available before copyright laws tightened up.”

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