When is a parody not a parody?

When it’s the real thing.

So I just accidentally came across the kind of ultra-conservative, homophobic, xenophobic, right wing diatribe that you typically only see as a parody. I mean, I know actual people write hateful and ignorant stuff like this, but I’ve mostly shied away from the source material, preferring the Daily Show satirical version. So anyway, I was doing a Google News search on YALSA (the Young Adult Library Services Association) and this dude’s “editorial” and was the second hit (today, at least).

It’s on a “news” site claiming to be non-agenda, non-partisan, even though they also say “We believe in God and our Lord Jesus Christ the Savior of mankind.” I’m not going to link to it, but he was ranting against a multiple award winning YA novel called “Boy Meets Boy.” I’m sure you can guess why. Here’s a choice quote from him:

“It seems there are a lot of adults who think it a desirable thing for your 14-year-old son to be engaged in homosexuality.

And Jerry Sandusky is sitting in jail becauseā€¦?”

No, I’ll wait. I know your brain is hemorrhaging, trying to figure out how to process that statement. Compared to that, this next one is just plain pedestrian:

“Christians, I say, have a duty to pull their children out of the homosexual-proselytizing public schools…”

Then there’s a jab at illegal immigrants for no good reason. The end.

Faith in humanity: -1

PS. this self-identified “former newspaper reporter and editor, small businessman, teacher, and horror novelist” also wrote the phrase “…just another agent of Big Sodomy.”

PPS. Someone should do a documentary expose on the illicit and perverted relationship between Big Sodomy, Big Hollywood, Big Data, and Big Pharma.

PPPS. If I ever started a death metal band, I’d call it Big Sodomy.

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