Indie Cover Spotlight: The Massive #13

Continuing a look at series I’m currently reading, here’s a book I’ve featured before: Brian Woods’ The Massive:


This pseudo post-apocalyptic, environmentalist, pseudo science fiction/supernatural series from Dark Horse Comics is…well, difficult to classify really. But it’s highly unique, explores some new territory, and has a good mystery that’s been unfolding at a slow pace.

The cover here is by the talented John Paul Leon.

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2 thoughts on “Indie Cover Spotlight: The Massive #13

  1. I’m really digging it, yes. And Brian Woods is very hit-or-miss with me, mostly miss. But something about this series really appeals to me. I think it’s the combination of a good hook (what happened to the missing ship, The Massive?), non-preachy ecological theme, and very diverse characters.

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