Indie Cover Spotlight: Justice Machine #5

Last week I featured some current books, so this week I’m going to go back in time and shine the spotlight on some of the earliest indie comics I ever picked up, starting with the series that started it all for me, Justice Machine:


This is a series with a very complicated publishing history, having come out under half a dozen different imprints. But I became familiar with it during its Comico incarnation, which this cover (featuring the artwork of Mike Gustovich) is from. The early issues had wraparound covers, which to me was such a unique thing, having only read Marvel and DC books to that point. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a good scan of the full cover, but the back half features a couple of the team members in the water, fighting a shark. Here’s a real small version:


This issue was published in 1987. (Here are some other Justice Machine covers featured on ICS.)

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2 thoughts on “Indie Cover Spotlight: Justice Machine #5

  1. Maybe it’s better at full size, but “group of guys look off the panel at something interesting” doesn’t seem like the most compelling image for a cover.

  2. Yeah, I guess ordinarily that would be true. But having a wrap around cover to show what they’re looking at might get folks to pick up a copy from the shelf, I suppose.

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