Brainbot, Jr. in Dark Horse Presents #29

Available today at fine comic book shops everywhere is Dark Horse Presents #29 (free preview here), featuring a 1-page Brainbot, Jr. strip by yours truly and the incomparable Tom Williams. Look for this cover by comics legend Neal Adams:


Of course, it would be silly for you to pick up an 80-page book just for our single page contribution, so here’s a partial list of the other talented writers and artists featured in this issue: David Lapham, Andrew MacLean, CaitlĂ­n R. Kiernan, Mike Baron, Ron Randall, Steve Niles, Michael T. Gilbert, Patrick Alexander, Steve Lieber, Steve Rude, menton3, and Richard Corben. Not too shabby, eh?

By the way, here’s our Brainbot strip, sans dialogue:


Hey, that’s the best I can do for a preview, without giving the whole thing away. Pick up the book to see where the funny goes!