The working title of my memoir, as presented on BuzzFeed

“21 insanely boring facts about my life that will blow your mind”

“This man was born in Iran. You simply won’t believe what happened next”

“13 of my life experiences only anxious geeky extroverts with disabilities would understand”

“53 signs that I can’t believe I’m over 40”

“My career in comics, as told by Sir Mixalot lyrics”

“38 questions people from Iran living in America are sick of being asked”

“The shocking truth behind my poor eyesight, and why you won’t see the world the same ever again”

“My 8 most epic blog posts from 2008, and how they didn’t change my life”

“Nerve-wracking story of my 1988 SAT test will make you laugh and cry at the same time”

“12 countries I’ve traveled to, and why you’ll never see the pictures on American TV”

“18 times I almost used the word ‘YOLO’ but then decided not to”

“This Vine video will break your heart, but it made me just shrug”

“10 (not so great) quotes vaguely about my life from 80s indie comic books”

“37 Twerking pics of people who are not me”

“Some reporter on FOX News made an extremely racist remark, but I wasn’t watching so I missed it”

“27 most overused hastags that describe my life, if I knew what hashtags were”

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