Indie Cover Spotlight: Lost Heroes #0

Wow, hard to believe, but this is the 200th installment of ICS! Be sure to check the archives for all the previously featured covers.

So I had almost forgotten about this rather strange artifact of the late 90s, which I have in my longboxes somewhere: Lost Heroes.


Created, written, and drawn by Rob Prior, and published in 1998 by Davdez Arts (which, surprisingly, are still around, though not, it seems, as an active comic book publisher). It was a modern fantasy-adventure series about…honestly, I don’t remember at all. It ran for 5 issues (including the #0) before publications ceased.

And yes, that’s Mark Hammill and Julie Strain on the cover. In fact, the book’s whole schtick was that all the characters’ looks were based on the likenesses of actors, used with permission. Who else “starred” in Lost Heroes?

  • Kevin Eastman (TMNT)
  • Patricia Tallman (Babylon 5)
  • Jason Carter (Babylon 5)
  • Walter Koenig (that famous TV sci-fi series, and Babylon 5)
  • Peter Jurasik (Babylon 5)
  • Bill Mumy (that old TV sci-fi series, and Babylon 5)
  • Richard Biggs (Babylon 5)

…and more.

Hey, I’m detecting a pattern here…what TV show ended in 1998, leaving a whole bunch of actors with plenty of free time on their hands? Oh, right, Babylon 5.


Now I want to dig out my back issues and re-visit the series…

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