Splash Wednesday: Keith Giffen and Gil Kane

Welcome back to Splash Wednesday, where I’ll be featuring splash pages from various comics books, and reprinting posts from my old blog with the same feature.

This week, I’d like to throw the spotlight on Keith Giffen, from his Image era. That’s right, it’s…Trencher!

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This page is from Images of Shadowhawk #1. Thanks again to Matt Kish for the page.

And here’s the classic page, from the Ferret Press blog, May 12, 2010. Text and selection by Craig Bogart:


From Marvel Premiere #15, by Gil Kane: Wendell Rand has a very bad day while searching for the lost city of K’un Lun, thanks to the machinations of a jealous business partner.

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2 thoughts on “Splash Wednesday: Keith Giffen and Gil Kane

  1. Trencher!!!!! I love trencher, love him so much I mailed Giffen personally to ask him if I could use the character and “resurrect” the series. No word back… sorrow and despair… I really do want to write my Trencher story, and it took me two years to find his address/phone number. I truly love this character, really enjoyed images of shadowhawk to, great to see someone else also enjoying the Trench-man, really sad I haven’t been able to acquire the character, I’m not trolling, I really would love to make this a reality. Thanks for the reminder of how awesome this character is.

  2. Happy to provide the trip down memory lane, Kaden. As for getting a chance to work on the character, I can understand how that might be difficult to acquire, since it’s a creator-owned character. Understandably, Giffen is probably not likely to want someone else working on his property.

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