Splash Wednesday: Jack Kirby, Chris Bachalo, and Ross Andru

Matt Kish is killing it with all the splash pages he’s been providing me for this feature, so let’s just get right into it:

Starting off with The King himself, Mr. Jack Kirby (inked by Mike Royer), from 2001 #2:


Next up, some early work from Chris Bachalo (finished by Mark Buckingham), from Ghost Rider 2099 #1:


And here’s the classic page with commentary by Craig Bogart, from my old Ferret Press blog, May 19, 2010

From the story that made me a comic fan in general and a Spider-Man fan in particular; Amazing Spider-Man #147 (the roots of the clone story that ran off the tracks a couple decades later). By my personal favorite Spider-Man artist, Ross Andru: