WTF Cover: Secrets of Haunted House #19


I have this particular comic decorating the wall of my office at my day job, alongside a slew of other colorful, zany 70s comics. But this one is my favorite, for 3 reasons:

1) The skeleton is wearing an eye patch, just so you know where that “beautiful glass eye” came from. Why he’s not wearing a blindfold, since he’s obviously missing both eyes, is a mystery. Or a “secret”.

2) The oddly contorted giant mannequin head on the “mom” is awesome. Just look at that vapid expression on her face as she cheerfully gives her precious daughter a “beautiful glass eye.”

3) And finally, how about that “beautiful glass eye” itself? Amirite guys? That beautiful, ginormous, creepy, bloodshot eye. What parents wouldn’t want to give that beautiful bauble to their young daughter?

If that little girl is this excited to play with such a gruesome little trinket, I’d hate to think what other “beautiful” toys she has in her closet. Maybe a shrunken human head? Or a spinal column floating in a jar of formaldehyde? Or a mint copy of Youngblood #1?

By the way, Secrets of Haunted House #19 was published by DC Comics, December 1979. Luis Dominguez drew the cover in question.

(A version of this post appeared on my Ferret Press blog, January 2011)