Splash Wednesday: Sal Buscema, Rick Veitch, and Brendan McCarthy

As always, the first page comes my way courtesy of Mr. Matt Kish. This is from Marvel Spotlight #22, featuring the Son of Satan. Art by Sal Buscema and Bob McLeod:


Next up is a page from Jonah Hex #53, penciled by Rick Veitch and inked by Tom Yeates:


And here’s the “classic” post, from my old Ferret Press blog, June 2010:

Not to steal Craig [Bogart’s] thunder or anything, but I know he’s busy tonight, so here’s a splash page to hold you guys over until he can post his.


Artwork by the always bizarre, utterly unique, acid-trip-on-paper, Mr. Brendan McCarthy, aka “The New McCarthyism”, aka “McMarvel”. This is a page from Spider-man: Fever #2 (of 3), which he wrote and drew. It’s really more of a Dr. Strange comic, but hey, Spidey’s name sells more comics. And yes, it’s completely trippy, and completely incomprehensible.

But it’s colorfully pretty.

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