Splash Wednesday: Rick Griffin, Matt Wagner, and Phil Winslade

I love this initial page, contributed by my bud, Matt Kish. It’s by Rick Griffin.

“Richard Alden “Rick” Griffin was an American artist and one of the leading designers of psychedelic posters in the 1960s. As a contributor to the underground comix movement, his work appeared regularly in Zap Comix.”

This page is from the comic The Man from Utopia:


Next up, a splash page from Matt Wagner, best known for his long-running indie series, Grendel. This page, however, is from The Demon, a mini-series he did for DC Comics in 1987, reviving the character created by Jack Kirby:


And finally, in a bit of synchronicity, here’s a classic page from the old Ferret Press blog. This week, Marvel announced a new Howard the Duck series. Back in July 2010, when Craig Bogart posted the item below, it was an odd page from a Howard the Duck “mature readers” series:

As every American schoolchild knows, Howard the Duck achieved such popularity during his heyday that he drew the attention of Disney, who sued because the cigar-smoking misanthrope with the nude model girlfriend would be too easily confused with Donald Duck. The outcome: Howard had to wear pants to distinguish himself from the other fowl, who is apparently a pervert who goes pantsless in public.

When Steve Gerber returned to write Howard in a 2002 mini for Marvel’s MAX imprint, he ended the first issue on a cliffhanger by turning Howard into… a big mouse.

And now Disney owns Marvel, but many of their characters are still not required to wear pants.

Art by Phil Winslade, a more recent favorite of mine.