Splash Wednesday: Bill Sienkiewicz

Sorry, running late and short on time today, so just the one “classic” post from the old Ferret Press blog (originally posted September 2010). Next week I’ll be back with a trio of pages.

“Since Craig’s schedule has been pretty busy of late, I thought I’d go ahead and post a page for this new feature that he started here on the blog. So here’s this week’s splash page, from New Mutants #19 (Sept. 1984), by Bill Sienkiewicz:


Having shed his Neal Adams influence (as showcased in the Moon Knight comics), Bill grew into his own in the pages of New Mutants. His painted covers for the book, combined with his decidedly non-Marvel house style interiors, really made this a book that transcended its X-Men spin-off origins. This is from the second chapter of the ‘Demon Bear’ saga.”