Splash Wednesday: Broderick, Trimpe, Netzer, Kane, and Kordey

To make up for last week’s lean offering, here’s a bunch of pages. Don’t say I didn’t get you guys anything for Christmas!

We’ll start with a couple of scans provided by my friend Matt Kish. Here’s Pat Broderick, from The Micronauts #19:


Next up, a crazy-ass page by Herb Trimpe, from Shogun Warriors #13:


Here’s a nicely surreal page by Michael Netzer (under the pen name Mike Nasser), from DC Special Series #15: Batman Spectacular:


And finally, the way back machine takes us to my old Ferret Press blog, and this entry from October 13, 2010:

Man, it’s an all-out posting extravaganza today, isn’t it? Anyway, with PANELista Craig Bogart’s schedule busy, I’m going to take over his feature again and post a splash page for the week. So here, for your visual enjoyment, is a page from the late, great Gil Kane:


This is from Sword of the Atom Special #1, published by DC in 1984. Script by Jan Strnad, art by Gil Kane. If you’re wondering about the caption boxes, the conceit of the issue is that we’re reading fictional author Norman Brawler’s foreword to his book “The Atom’s Farewell”.

And another classic, from October 20, 2010:

Feature founder Craig has outsourced his work to me, so here’s the splash page for this week:


From Batman/Tarzan: Claws of the Cat-Woman #2 (of 4), published jointly by DC and dark Horse Comics, October 1999. Art by the underrated Igor Kordey, who got a bad rap because he was Marvel’s go-to guy for years when a book was behind schedule and 22 pages of art needed to be cranked out in a weekend. But when given a normal schedule, he really knocked it out of the park, as in the creator-owned book Smoke (published by IDW).

Anyway, I love the lush sense of depth in this splash, as well as the mood and atmosphere, with Tarzan’s anguished cry. Good stuff.

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