Splash Wednesday: Kirby, Grell, and Sienkiewicz

My buddy Matt Kish provided the first scan, a page of Jack Kirby art from Machine Man #4:


Next up, a classic Mike Grell page from The Warlord #1, the comic where there was always a competition between titular character Travis Morgan and every female character to see who could wear the skimpiest outfit:

Warlord 001-01

And as always, we finish with a “classic” post from my old Ferret Press blog, from October, 2010:

Not that I want this to become an all-Bill Sienkiewicz tribute, but hey, the guy does some nice work. Anyway, here’s this week’s featured splash page:


I love the perspective in this piece, as well as the crescent shape formed by Moon Knight’s cape.This page is from Moon Knight #5 (vol. 1), published by Marvel, March 1981. Penciled by Bill Sienkiewicz, inked by Klaus Janson.