Splash Wednesday: Craig, Pelletier, and Jones

Welcome back to Splash Wednesday, where I feature some splash pages…on a Wednesday.

Matt Kish provided this first page of sword-and-sorcery mayhem, from Wulf the Barbarian #4, with art by Jim Craig:


Next up, a more modern page, a double-splash from Aquaman #16. Penciled by Paul Pelletier:

aquaman16a justice league reserves

And as always, we finish with a classic post from my old Ferret Press blog, this one from Nov. 10, 2010:

Another Wednesday, another splash page:

Actually, this one is a double splash page! I think I like it not so much for the action or depth (there really isn’t much of either) but for the wild design and even wilder coloring.

This is from The Micronauts #14 (vol. 2), published by Marvel Comics, November 1985. Kelley Jones on pencils, Danny Bulanadi on inks, and Bob Sharen on colors.

Reminds me a bit of this piece, if Stokoe had colored it…

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