Splash Wednesday: Aparo, Spiegle, and Ridgway

My buddy Matt Kish provided the first scan, a page from The Black Hole #2, published in 1980 by Whitman, with art by (I believe) art by Dan Spiegle:


Next up, some non-Batman Jim Aparo art, from The Phantom #31, published in 1969 by Charlton:

Phantom 31-01

(The above scan is courtesy of the awesome Diversions of the Groovy Kind blog.)

And from the Ferret Press blog (Nov 17, 2010):

This week, we’re going with a horror theme:


Creepy, eh? This is from Hellblazer #1, published in 1988 by DC, written by Jamie Delano, with fellow Brit John Ridgway on art, and colors by Lovern Kindzierski (although the scan is from the $1 reprint that DC recently reissued as part of their “What’s Next?” line)